We create beautiful websites that provide a rich and refreshing user experience.

Using: PHP, ASP, Ruby, Pearl, C/C++, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, Wordpress, Joomla, Content Creation, Zend Framework and more.

Design: More Than Meets The Eye

At Aereus we believe that design is the most important aspect of a successful website. But design is far more than just the look and feel of a website. Other equally important and often overlooked elements of design include creating a logical layout, usability, content organization, prioritizations and presentation and much more.

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Our strategy is to design full and rewarding experiences

Wow: Upon initial viewing, actually within the first 3 seconds we want users to think "Wow! This is cool!" This is where the visual aspect of design is most important. Most of the time the "Wow" is best created through elegant simplicity. The design should hold a users attention only for a second, then get out of the way.

Whew: After being surprised by the "Wow" factor, then user should be able to say "Whew, it's really easy to use." This commonly referred to "User Experience" or "UX."

What: Once a user finds your site, is wowed by the beautiful look and realizes it is really easy to use; then we have to make sure they can do what they want or need there. Having the right features and quality content that is refreshed regularly is key to closing the deal with your users.

Where: The greatest website in the universe is utterly useless if nobody can find you. For that reason we being the processing asking where customers are coming from and how can we make sure they find us. Keys: SEO, Internet Marketing

Our Process

Phase 1 - Planning

We begin by creating a clear vision for the project. This is primarily a research phase but it is absolutely foundational. Information will be gathered about targeted demographics, the goals and scope of the project, technical requirements and more.

Once the initial research has been concluded then we begin a competitive analysis to see what the competition is doing. We will also complete a feature analysis with proposed features and associated user stories detailing how each user in their role will use the feature.

Phase 1 - planning

Phase 2 - Design

Phase 2 - design

Based on the established vision defined in Phase 1 and the documentation detailed the requirements of the site, we will wire frame the entire site. It is our firm belief that the aesthetic design of a site should enhance the delivery of the content but is always secondary to the content and the layout. For this reason, we create the layout and begin defining the content well before any graphical design is implemented. This process is hugely instrumental in creating an ideal experience for the end-user and helps facilitate collaboration among all interested parties before the site is developed.

Once the wire frame is completed and everyone is pleased with the result, our graphic designers will create a pleasing graphical design to fit the purpose and goals of the site

Phase 3 - Development

The design team will hand the project over to our engineers to breathe life into the design and make it interactive. This is where technical details are worked out including functionality, technical requirements, third party integrations and anything else needed to complete the project.

While the site is being developed, we work closely with our clients to start developing the content in parallel as much as possible.

Phase 3 - development

Phase 4 - Quality Assurance

Phase 4 - testing

Once development has completed their tasks, the project will enter a Quality Assurance phase where the site will be tested on a number of fronts:

Feature Testing
Are all the features working like they should?

SEO Standards Compliance
Does every page meet our rigid guidelines for SEO optimisation?

User Acceptance Testing
Do users actually like using the site?

Phase 5 - Release

At this point we should have a completed website that everyone is happy with and excited to see it go live. We will work closely with your team to see the project all the way through to deployment. Whether you want to host your own site, have a third party you would like to work with, or want us to host it for you we will be here to make sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

Phase 4 - release